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Golf is a fantastic game to be enjoyed !

Our very friendly PGA Professional and AAA accredited golf coach Jon White has helped thousands of golfers of all experience levels over his 20+ years of playing and coaching the great game.
With a refreshing and flexible teaching style Jon’s passion for the game and helping people makes any golf lesson or event with him an enjoyable and rewarding experience.
 Let us help you to discover or rediscover the joy of golf!
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Golf lessons from a skilled coach like Jon White could make a dramatic difference in your ability to play and enjoy the game.

And, learning to be a decent golfer could help you in business as well.

Big Deals On The Golf Course

Golf Lessons AdelaideThere’s a saying that the biggest deals take place on the golf course. This is very true. Golfing does seem very conducive to negotiations. Maybe it’s the fresh air; perhaps it’s the après game beverages at the “19th hole” – also known as the course’s watering hole.

Maybe that’s why you want to take golf lessons. Adelaide area golf courses are often crawling with business associates and acquaintances who are out to enjoy a game, but who are also out building rapport and discussing deals. Being able to play the game well could help you focus on building rapport with clients. Is a prospective client really going to take you seriously if you’re playing golf with them and you don’t know your nine iron from your putter?

Golf Lessons Adelaide – Understanding The Rules

Professional golf lessons Adelaide can help you understand the rules, understand when you might be best to use specific pieces of equipment, can teach you how scoring works, and it can help you with your swing, of course, too. Golf coaches will work on all areas of the game with you, depending on what sort of package you choose. If you’re familiar with the game but just don’t play that well, a coach can work on problem areas. If you know nothing, you can take a more rudimentary set of lessons.

If you are in an Adelaide business industry where colleagues and clients are continually out playing golf, investing in golf lessons Adelaide could be a great investment for your career. Many new golfers become rather addicted to the sport once they improve their game through golf lessons. Adelaide golf coaches can make a big difference over simply practicing on your own. Sure, you’re not going to be a golf pro immediately, but with each golf lesson with an Adelaide professional golf coach, you’re more likely to improve your score and feel more confident out on the fairway.

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Jon White is a AAA accredited PGA pro golf coach.

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