Golf Tours South Australia

If you’re interested in organising golf tours in South Australia, there are providers that specialise in fun and professional golf tours. South Australia is home to many beautiful golf courses and many skilled golfers who could help you with your game and your enjoyment of a golf tour. These tours are popular among tourists and among locals who look for any reason to enjoy a special golf day.

Jon White and the team here at Pro Golf Lessons Adelaide offer many choices when it comes to golf tours throughout the South Australia region. If you’re looking to plan a golfing getaway with a difference and would like to learn more about our golf tour packages, please contact us via phone or email. You will find our contact details at the bottom of this page, or just over to the right of the screen!

Golf Tours South Australia

What’s A Golf Tour?

There are South Australian golf tour companies who put together packages for groups of people. There are vacation packages and there are day trips as well. The day trip packages generally include:

  • Transportation
  • Green fees
  • Equipment
  • Golf Lessons and mentoring
  • A meal

These packages can be ideal for small to medium sized groups of people who are either avid golfers, or novices who are intrigued by the game and want to enjoy a day of scenic beauty, fresh air, exercise, and golf expertise.

Golf Tours South Australia – Transportation

Depending on which South Australian golf tour company you go with, transportation is typical and usually via a chauffeured vehicle that meets participants at a single location and takes them both to and from the golf tour.

Green Fees and Equipment Rental

Most quality golf tour operators will include the cost of green fees within your package price and also provide some or all of the equipment including golf training aids. Others arrange equipment rental at the golf course for you.

Golf Mentoring

One of the most popular aspects of golf tours in South Australia is when the tour includes advice from a golf pro who can help you improve your game.


South Australian golf tours go great with a tour of a local winery or brewery. It’s very common to make a golf tour a combo golf and wine tour. A great meal and great beverages could be the perfect end to an excellent day.

When planning your golf tour in South Australia, don’t hesitate to talk to the tour operator about special needs, as many will customise packages to your requirements, particularly if you’re planning for a large group outing.

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